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Training in Wicca

Wicca.org.uk offer a pathway for those looking for initiation into Wicca. In order to facilitate this we offer a training course ‘Seven Moons’. This is an online and offline course leading to initiation. Those who are based in London would typically meet with others in Central London.

For those who are not based in London there is the option of a pure correspondence course which explains the basics of Wicca and how to practice. Those on the course will typically be connected remotely to a coven in the South-East of England and will be able to attend some events if they can get to them. Although it is a remote course it does connect with initiatory traditions and typically offers a full initiatory pathway.

The course is available at http://sevenmoons.weebly.com







3 thoughts on “Training in Wicca

  1. I am extremely interested in studying, I live in Essex, is there anywhere local to me you could suggest? I’m in great Dunmow which is central to Chelmsford, Braintree, bishop Stortford areas

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