"Harm none and do thy will"


Magic is a core element of Wicca.  Magic is ‘the practice of using spells to attempt to control events in nature’, and is the central purpose of Wicca. In particular it allows the practicioner to achieve what they cannot achieve alone. This is often done by gathering at certain times of year to make wishes and cast spells in a circle. Ideally this is with a reasonably fixed group of Wiccans who have a similar belief structure, termed a coven. A typical spell would involve writing a desire on a sheet of paper, burning it and simultaneously reciting a set of words asking a deity to make this happen. An example can be found at this site.


Wiccans have found this to be an effective way to achieve what they wish when there appears to be no other way to achieve it.

There are three possible explanations as to why this works. Firstly there could be a natural explanation. The second possibility is the preternatural explanation. This states that there is a natural explanation but who don’t know clearly what it is. The third possibility is that there is a supernatural explanation, ie that there is an intervening deity. The key division is between a natural/preturnatural and supernatural explanations. Within Wicca, unlike monotheistic religions, there are many taking either view, and they can work harmoniously together. There is no requirement for faith in Wicca. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not you can still do spells. Magic is ‘the practice of using spells to attempt to control events in nature’, therefore this action is magic, although its effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Wiccan magic is felt by its practicioners to be an effective type of magic because its rites are done in a way that imbues them with meaning. Additionally the fact that they are done at certain times forces the individual to think clearly about what they want.

There are some some similarities between magic and the twelve step program of alcoholics anonymous.


It is possible to cast a spell where it would be possible for the individual to achieve that action without a spell, to ask simply for something that you want. In general, however the object is to achieve what cannot otherwise be achieved.  For this reason the group behind this site is primarily focused on the use of magic to achieve that which cannot otherwise be achieved. There are, however, no guarantees that the spells work at all or in the ways expected as they frequently do not.

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