"Harm none and do thy will"



One issue which seems to mark a very sharp distinction between Wicca and cult religions is the way they view chaos. In religion the world is ordered by God, and there is a right way for things to be. In a Wiccan world view the reverse is true. It seems clear that the predominant and original force in the universe is the force of chaos. When we look at nature we see this where nothing is for certain, not even ta harvest to sustain the population. The Wiccan attempt to control chaos leads to a different solution for every problem. There is no certainty that God will provide if you follow the way of God. Both modern Cosmology and our experience of the world show that chaos is at the base, and whatever order we see is a secondary effect, and limited. The question remains of how to deal with that disorder.

If disorder and chaos is the basis of the world then the relationship with anthropomorphisms of Chaos needs to be dealt with. These deities are often viewed in a similar way to the central animals in the hooden tradition. In order to live life we need to deal with chaos and not believe that we can fully control it. Chaos needs to be dealt with differently every time. There is no book that can give a definitive answer.

We need to deal with the origins of these deities. The idea is not to try to create chaos but to work with it. When you stop trying to organise chaos and instead work with it a lot of problems disappear. Trying to get people to bend to your will is often problematic. Working together with people who have their own goals will often put wind under the wings of any activity.


Some see links between Wicca and the existentialism defined, and later abandoned, by Satre. Wicca does not advocate a particular path for people other than one that is not mutually exclusive. Some Wiccans do not agree with that but these are generally of the Right Hand Path variants of Wicca.


Wicca is for the people of Britain. It is not a global tradition. It is an existentialist tradition that says Harm none and do thy will. It is chaos based and seeks to interact with the world in its chaotic form rather than mould it to the view of a particular book or leader. This is done through visualisation linked to practical and scientific approaches. To be a Wiccan you do not need to be initiated but mixing with Wiccans is very helpful to practice visualisation and share practical ideas.

That seems straightforward, but like chess, a game with important Wiccan connections, it may take only a few hours to learn the basics the tradition itself takes a long time and a lot of study to master.

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