"Harm none and do thy will"


If you would like to make contact with us you should send an e-mail to wiccacouk@yahoo.co.uk

We also have a phone for the group
Tel: 07599 905886

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Will some one get a hold of me I need a real witch I’m not here to waist anyone’s time please don’t waste mine 8033058002

  2. Looking to grow spiritually with the use of Wicca. Need help & guidance please. Thank you.

    • Hi Deborah,
      This is a response to a request for information from one of the contact points connected to the Wiccan Federation or one of its associated groups. The Wiccan Federation exists to coordinate Wiccan Covens around the UK, and these covens generally offer access to their public events. We also have a training course called Seven Moons which allows for training remotely. This trains seekers in Wicca over a six month period. It is connected with one of our covens in London and allows an individual to train with the support of this coven, and attend its new moon meetings if they can get to the venue in London. If you would like to join this course please let us know. The course is free if done by e-mail or you can join the course by post in which case charges apply as we have to print and post the material. Please contact cochranefaithful@yahoo.co.uk if you wish to join the course.

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