"Harm none and do thy will"

The Mabinogion

The Mabinogion is a very important text to many Wiccans. The earliest versions of the text come from the medieval period. It contains a number of legends that some commentators state go back to the prehistoric times. One of the reasons for this is that in places it appears to use the Coligny calendar. This is a non Roman calendar based in cycles of approximately 60 months. The importance to Wicca tends to be more in individual stories such as How Culwech Won Olwen and Peredur rather than in The Dream of Maxen. Inspiration is drawn selectively rather than their representing any absolute meaning as a set.

At the end of each of the four branches it states – thus ends this branch of the Mabinogi. This is though to be releated to the Celtic Sun God Maponos.

The sections of the text are

Pwyll Lord of Dyved

Branwen Daughter of Llyr

Manawydan Son of Llyr

Math Son of Mathonwy

The Dream of Maxen
The Dream of Maxen is a story told in the late Roman period.
Lludd and Llevelys

How Culwech Won Olwen
This is the tale of the winning of Olwen by Culwech by the performance of 39 tasks. Only two are dealt with in detail – the rescue of Mabon and the hunting of Twrch Twyth.
The Dream of Rhonabwy


Peredur Son of Evrawg
This is the most important of the texts as it an early version of the Grail legend.

Gereint and Enid
This is a love story dealing with the conflict between chivalry and making a home.

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