"Harm none and do thy will"

Circle Tradition


The Circle tradition can be seen clearly in the stone circles, and also in the actions of Wiccan groups who always form circles. The circle is absolutely critical to Wicca, and to most Wiccans a non negotiable element of the tradition. In a circle all are peers. The belief that you can have a leader who bestows a sacrament on their followers then that is utterly incompatible with a Wiccan view. One of the problems with circles is that they are closed and unwelcoming. If you look at stone circles such as Stonehenge or the Merry Maidens there is always a stone missing to allow one more to join. This same tradition is seen in the Arthurian Legends as the perilous seat. This idea that nobody is in charge is a challenge for many but it is for many Wiccans beauty of the tradition. In the medieval period and probably before there was a separation of the carrying out of traditions from the stone circles as native traditions were persecuted. This is the origin of the traditional view of the tradition.

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