"Harm none and do thy will"

The Charge of the Goddess

A central ritual of the cycle of Wicca is the Drawing down of the Moon. In Cochranian Wicca the goddess is drawn into the wine that is used in the rite. This can be done through the use of a mirror or by holding the wine up to the moon whilst contained in a clear glass. If the moon is not visible on the night of the rite a candle can be used to represent the moon. This can be held between the forks of the stang. As part of this ritual the Charge of the Goddess may be recited although this is optional.

The Charge of the Goddess is taken from the Vangelo. Some traditions make additions or modifications to this, however this is not essential and it can be used in its original form

There is another issue with the use of the charge as written by Doreen Valiente which is that the heirs of Dooreen Valiente have been reported in the past to protect the copyright.


This has made it difficult for some Wiccans who can’t use the Book of Shadows freely. As a result we have a preference for the use of the original.

This page provides some of the background to the issues involved in the use of material from Valiete.


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