"Harm none and do thy will"

Saxon References

The site maintains a list of all known saxon references of relevance to Wicca or issues of interest to Wicca. Apart from the quotes below there is a reference in The Life of Collen to Gwyn ap Nudd at Glastonbury, and a reference in Augustine to Cerne Abbas

Laws of King Cnut 1017-1035

‘We earnestly forbid every heathenism: heathenism is, that men worship idols; that is, that they worship heathen gods, and the sun or the moon, fire or rivers, water-wells or stones, or forest trees of any kind; or love witchcraft, or promote morth-work in any wise.’



“no one shall go to trees, or wells, or stones or enclosures, or anywhere else except to God’s church, and there make vows or release himself from them.”



The word wicca is associated with animistic healing rites in Halitgar’s Latin Penitential where it is stated that

Some men are so blind that they bring their offering to earth-fast stone and also to trees and to wellsprings, as the witches teach, and are unwilling to understand how stupidly they do or how that dead stone or that dumb tree might help them or give forth health when they themselves are never able to stir from their place.

The phrase swa wiccan tecab (“as the witches teach”) seems to be an addition to Halitgar’s original, added by an eleventh-century Old-English translator.

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